Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The People of the Parish: William and Sharon

This was the sign we saw as we pulled our car in front of William and Sharon's home today. It exemplifies the spirit of perseverance inherent in the people of St. Bernard Parish. For over two years, William and Sharon have lived in a small FEMA trailer in their front yard with their daughter and two-year-old grandchild and worked on their home as time and money allowed. They are exuberant to see volunteers from St. Bernard Project putting the finishing touches on their home - the expected move-in date is August 1.

Finding long-term housing is especially pressing for the community residents this month. Many are being evicted from their FEMA trailers. William and Sharon received a three-day eviction notice, and are pleading with FEMA to be allowed to stay until August 1.

William and Sharon exemplify the spirit of the people in this community. They are gracious and welcoming. Even those who lost everything, shared whatever they had to give - they welcomed us into their homes and told us their stories. William and Sharon even invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner. If you ever want to understand what the term "southern hospitality" means, just visit the good people of St. Bernard Parish.

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