Monday, July 7, 2008

First Day at St. Bernard Project

Greetings from Cindy, Caitlin, and Lindsey:

We spent the morning at St. Bernard Project, an amazing non-profit that assists St. Bernard Parish residents in rebuilding their homes post-Katrina.
We're spending four days researching the organization and gathering stories to create a community outreach and fundraising effort in the Pacific Northwest.

We interviewed:
  • Zack, the founder of St. Bernard Project
  • Colleen (office manager) and Joe (office staff member and former client)
  • Families assisted by this amazing non-profit organization (stories and pictures will be posted at later date)

Some interesting facts about the county of St. Bernard Parish:

  • Katrina destroyed 100% of the homes (27,000 residences), displacing 65,000 residents
  • 1800 families are still living in FEMA trailers
  • approximately one-half (32,000) of the 65,000 residents have returned
  • St. Bernard Project has completed 131 homes, and is currently working on 30 homes
  • 60 people are on the waiting list
  • St. Bernard Project can rebuild a house with volunteer labor for approximately $13, 500

For more information, visit St. Bernard Project's website:

Look for more information tomorrow!


Mom said...

From Corine: I'm so proud of you Cindy. I'll be checking the blog daily. I love the Greener shirts and the BHHS shirt. Way to show the pride.

Cindy said...

Thanks, Corine! We're seeing Ms. Leola today - a wonderful woman we did some fundraising for last year so she could move back home. I'll get up some more pictures tonight!

am said...

The project looks really cool.