Wednesday, July 9, 2008

People of the Parish: Les and Joyce

Les and Joyce have lived in their home since 1963. St. Bernard Project helped them rebuild their home.

Les and Joyce opened their home to us to conduct interviews.

"For a long time we were tearing down, and now we're building up."

Les and his wife Joyce have lived in their home since 1963. When Hurricane Betsy hit Louisiana in 1965, Les helped his wife and four children (the youngest just a few days old) climb through a window to the safety of the second floor of his neighbor's home.

When Les and Joyce returned to St. Bernard Parish post-Katrina, they were faced with rebuilding their home for the second time. St. Bernard Project came to the rescue, and Les was so grateful for their assistance that he started assisting the organization on a part-time basis.

He believes it is the help of local organizations like St. Bernard Project and the volunteers from around the country that are responsible for the spark of life now present in the community. The gutting and bulldozing is slowing down, and the community is starting to rise up from the depth of destruction.

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