Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The People of the Parish: Ms. Leola

Ms. Leola is one of my favorite people. Last year, I had the honor of spearheading a fundraising effort to allow her to move from a FEMA trailer back into her home. Right before Katrina devastated her home, she evacuated to Beaumont, Texas, with only the clothes on her back. Only two weeks later, she was forced to evacuate to Dallas, Texas, when Hurricane Rita took aim at the Gulf Coast.

Today we had the pleasure of having a delightful visit in her beautiful home finished with the assistance of St. Bernard Project. When asked about the impact St. Bernard Project had on her life, she talked about how blessed she is to receive help from the staff and volunteers. Without them, she believes she would not be in her home today.


Jerrod said...

I remember when you were down there to help out and Dave came to lend a hand too! Well done keeping up the good work! It makes me interested in how I can help! Thank you all for being an insiration... I'll stay tuned!

Cindy said...

Jerrod -
Thanks for looking at the blog! SBP needs volunteers and funds, so you can pull together a group of friends to be part of one of our work groups - or start one of your own. They have a site supervisor to show you what to do. They'd love to have a volunteer group from Colorado.