Monday, August 31, 2009

Update: People of the Parish - William and Sharon

Happy News! After more than three years in a FEMA trailer, St. Bernard project finished the home of William and Sharon last fall. Their dream came true - they were in their home in time for the holidays.

William and Sharon report that the majority of their neighbors were able to move back. Some homes were torn down, or sold. The neighborhood has become more diverse, which William and Sharon stated gave them a chance to "open up our eyes. . .and learn the world is not just one color."

They appreciate the school leadership that protected their public school system - one they believe is the best in the area.

William and Sharon are concerned about the need for a local hospital, and opportunities for jobs for local citizens. They also mentioned the high rental rates, and the high cost to insure a home - at times 5% of the home's value for a homeowner's policy.

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