Monday, August 31, 2009

Update: People of the Parish - Miss Joan

I met Miss Joan in April 2009 when I chaperoned a group of high school students who worked on the flooring in Miss Joan's house. It was rewarding to see the beautiful work the teens did when I toured her finished home!

Miss Joan misses her pre-Katrina neighborhood, where all the neighbors knew each other. Only one-half of her original neighbors are back. She also misses the local church, was has not been rebuilt.

When asked about the community's most pressing needs, Miss Joan echoes those of the other homeowners I spoke with. Number one on her list was a hospital - she has health problems and has to travel to either Slidell or Covington for care. Her personal physician has not returned to the parish. She also wishes there was a grocery store in Violet, along with a place to purchase clothes (like a Wal-Mart).

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