Monday, August 31, 2009

Update: People of the Parish - Miss Leola

Miss Leola is as gracious and beautiful as ever as she takes the time to talk with us about her community. She is very grateful to St. Bernard Project for getting her back home. "I would not have known how to rebuild without them," she said.

Miss Leola still suffers from sinus headaches - an ailment that appeared after she lived in her FEMA trailer. Miss Leola also suffered a stroke in September 2007, but states she has recovered "pretty well."

One of the most pressing needs in St. Bernard Parish at this time is a hospital. The nearest facility is 45 minutes away. In addition, some of the doctors have not returned to the parish. Miss Leola states that she often waits two or three hours to see a local doctor, even though she has an appointment. Yet, her former doctor is an hour away, and she has to rely on someone to drive her there.

Miss Leola mentioned that her neighborhood has changed. Only one neighbor has returned. Most of the homes which were rebuilt have become government-subsidized rentals. She misses her neighbors and the close-knit community where everyone knew each other, and neighbor helped neighbor.

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