Monday, August 31, 2009

Update: People of the Parish - Miss Melanie

Miss Melanie with granddaughter, Alayna

I met Miss Melanie in May 2007 when my brother, David, and I worked on her house during a volunteer trip for St. Bernard Project. It was wonderful to walk in and see her in her beautiful home with her granddaughter, Alayna.

Miss Melanie stated St. Bernard Project helped her and many of her friends. Her family has lived in her home since 1952, and she can't imagine living anywhere else.

When asked about St. Bernard Parish post-Katrina, Miss Melanie mentioned there is more crime in the parish than before Katrina, and the children do not go out after dark. Before Katrina, "you knew where the crime was - now it could be anywhere." There is a larger transient population. She also stated there is greater diversity. She believes many people arrived in the community seeking work.

Miss Melanie feels the most pressing need in the community is for a hospital and a store like Wall-Mart, where residents can buy clothes and other items at reasonable prices.

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