Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tumwater Teens: Our Work Today in St. Bernard Parish

Today we finished most of the flooring! Only one room left to go.
Kaitlyn learned how to hang a door in Ms. Joan's house and we are going to hang more doors tomorrow.

We heard a lot of stories from the residents and made some friends. Ms. Joan talked to us at lunchtime about how she stayed during the hurricane, and was rescued and sent to the Houston Astrodome. She said things were really bad there, and she called some relatives in Tennessee who helped her stay there. She then went back home and had nothing left except a FEMA trailer to stay in. The FEMA trailer made her sick. She's very thankful that St. Bernard is helping her.

We had a visit from Les Scharfenstein, a friend Cindy, Lindsey, and Caitlin made in July when they came to visit the area. Les said things are steadily improving in the area. Les is a retired principal, who does part-time teaching and works for St. Bernard Project part-time, too. Les decided to help St. Bernard Project after they helped he and his wife rebuild their home. He helped us find the address of the Ansardi family, a friend of the Meyer family.

We went to visit William and Sharon Ansardi after we were done with work. St. Bernard Project rebuilt their home, and they moved in around Thanksgiving time. They had us sign their guest book because they said they want to remember all the angels (the volunteers) who come to St. Bernard Parish to help. They have a sign in front of their yard that used to say "You gotta have Faith" that survived Katrina. It's getting old, so now is says "You Faith", but William says he doesn't need a sign to remind him of the Faith he has and how all the volunteers come to help the people of da parish.

We wrote our names on the floor of Ms. Joan's living room today before we laid the laminate. Ms. Joan laughed and said most volunteers sign their names on the floors or the walls. She said even though she lives alone, she'll really be surrounded by the volunteers.

Here are some pictures from today:

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Amanda Ann said...

Hello, my name is Amanda. I'm a resident from st. Bernard parish, Louisiana. i just wanted to say thank you so much for helping our community. it's still disappointing on how long it's taking our government to make more improvements.we would be nowhere without the help of volunteers and dedicated people such as yourselves. And I just wanted to say thank you all.