Monday, April 6, 2009

Tumwater Teens: Our First Work Day in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana

Today we learned how to lay laminate flooring in Ms. Joan Dalon's house. We finished two rooms! We also talked to the homeowner, who has waited almost four years for a home. Then Fire Chief Thomas Stone came to talk to us. He told us stories of what happened during and after Katrina, and how the firefighters saved thousands of residents and kept them alive by finding water and food and medicine. Tomorrow we lay some more flooring, and might put in some doors.
Here are some pictures. Enjoy!

By Lindsay Swick, Katie Repine, Kaitlyn VanderVelde, Lindsey Meyer, Drew David and Mike Morrison

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Elizabeth Douglas said...

Hi guys, this is "Lhiiiz" on the Crabwizard site. Thanks for posting that thread so that we can all see the good work that's been going on in NO. It's great to see teens really making a difference! I'm sure Ms. Dalon will never forget the kindness you've all shown to her. Great pictures! :D