Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Waiting on a Roof

Caitlin Meyer and William Ansardi, a local homeowner, on a roof in St. Bernard Parish, LA

There is a house silent and empty in St. Bernard Parish. It sits untouched, exactly as it was after the floods receded in August 2009. The home still has a key in the door. The fish tank holds "Katrina" water. Clothes, and photos, and remnants of family life are scattered throughout the home, all ruined in the flood waters.

There is a cooler on the roof, still there from the homeowners who waited there with a small amount of food and water to keep them alive until rescuers arrive.

Caitlin climbed on the roof with a local resident, William Ansardi, who spoke with her of the lives torn apart by the storm. They spoke about what it was like to wait on a hot roof day after day, hoping for rescue.

Rebuilding is happening in many areas, thanks to St. Bernard Project. But this home no longer houses a family. So we have only remnants to give us clues to their former life here before the storm.

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